Decorating A Living Room According To Feng Shui Principles

feng-shui-living-roomFeng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of using various elements to bring prosperity and harmony in life is practiced by people in different parts of the world. By using various “cures” Feng Shui brings wealth and good personal relationship. Decorating the living room of a home using Feng Shui principle can create the flow of positive energy in the house and will bring prosperity and good health to the family members. The main idea of this practice is to allow the free flow of positive energy called “Chi” to make the life happy and peaceful.

Placing any form of artwork which gives you a positive attitude can bring success. If you want to achieve a relaxing environment in your home through the Feng Shui, you can consult a well known Feng Shui practitioner or you can gain the knowledge by reading the interior design articles about it.

According to the principles of Feng Shui clean water, images of food, certain plants and animals, antique coins are the symbols of abundance and hence placing the images any of these in your living room can activate the wealth area of the room. Keeping potted plants with round leaves are considered to be a good way to avoid negative energy.

If you want to add more romance and love into your married life you can use floral printed fabrics or floral paintings. Using dried flowers will give the adverse effect. According to the Feng Shui principle, you will get the energy you give out. Hence it is necessary that you send out positive energy to the universe to receive positive energy from it.

Making your living room clutter free and clean is the most important thing to do to receive positive energy. You can place waterfall fountains or aquariums in your living room to attract wealth. It is necessary to collect the right information about the principles of Feng Shui and practice it to achieve peace and success in life.