Numerology and Love

Love by numerology is easier to understand. Ever wondered why some relationships work and some don’t work out? Some relationships last forever, but some die in a week or in a month or maybe in a year. Why do you feel comfortable with someone and do not with someone else? Even though they both show the same love and care to you. One way of understanding these abstract thoughts is through numbers.

numerology love compatibility

The 2500 years old science of Numerology believes that when we are born, there are certain vibrations which are associated with us. These vibrations are defined by numbers from 1 to 9. If the vibrations of two people are not in accordance with each other then they may not have a healthy and loving relationship. Generally there are three issues that two people, in love with each other, face that are unwanted from their relationship.

The first one would be the failure of their relationship. Numerology can help such a couple by assessing their destiny numbers and finding a suitable match for them. For example if two people with destiny numbers 1 get into a relationship, they will never be comfortable as number 1 signifies independence and free spirit. The second issue can be the failure of their lovers in reciprocating their feelings. This again can be solved by analysing the numbers associated with their date of births and names and then making suitable adjustments in their names or even by adjusting the numbers associated with their address. The third issue is of rekindling the love in the relationship. This is solved by doing various analysis and arriving to certain conclusions, on the numbers associated with their personal interests and likings.

Thus the mysteries of love can be solved by numerology. An able numerologist can solve all your problems and issues related to your love life efficiently.