The study of numerology in the bible

BibleThe holy book of the Christians, the bible can be interpreted in numerous ways. One can easily know about the beliefs and the history of the Christian religion. According to studies, it has been found out that the Bible consists of a number of symbols which relate to something or the other. These are indicative of some of the basic facts which the God is trying to convey to us. Thus, the numbers in Bible have been studied to get a clearer understanding of the facts as they have special meanings. In fact, while going through Bible you would come across a number of numerical symbols and references to some numbers. There are two numbers '7' and '40' which have been described often in the Bible. 7 have been signified as the God's number since God stands for perfection. The number '40' can be understood as the 'number of probation or trial'. However this is still an issue of debate whether the numbers actually have these meanings. The numbers however have been used in the Bible as a certain pattern. But, associating every number with a certain special meaning doesn't make sense either.