What is numerology?

what-is-numerologyThe world is built on the strength of numbers - Pythagoras.

Each number has a certain power that a figure or symbol for the numbers reflect not only quantitatively. These forces are in the occult relationship between the ratio of things and principles of nature, expressions of which they are.

While numerology gained popularity recently, in fact it belongs to one of the ancient sciences. To some extent, already the numbers themselves form their own language, which understood and enjoyed by many primitive tribes, maintaining communication with each other in terms of numbers. In ancient alphabets (Hebrew), the numerical values assigned to each letter.

Not immersed in the maze and the depth of Kabbalistic cosmology and esoteric doctrines, modern numerology preference for a simplified numerical and alphabetical code, based on the theories of Pythagoras, the great Greek mathematician and mystic, who came to his glory about 550 BC.

As we know, Pythagoras and his students have reduced the numbers to the digits 1 to 9 inclusive, because they are the starting numbers of which may be obtained from all the others.

Twenty centuries later, the famous Cornelius Agrippa in his book "The Occult Philosophy", published in 1533, named these numbers and their meanings. To reduce the large numbers to the base numbers were developed different systems. The easiest and most popular method - add up all the digits of the big number, then if the result is 10 or more, add up these numbers again. This process continues until they are given an elementary number from 1 to 9.

birthday numerology calculator

Dates (birth, for example) can be reduced to the vibration number by the sum of the day, month and year (January is 1, February is 2 December is 12 = 3), etc. For example, July 4, 1776 - the day of signing of the Independence Declaration. Here we have a 4th, 7th month, 1776. Result is: 4+7+1+7+7+6 = 32 = 3+2 = 5.

No other numerology vibration could not more accurately express the risk and uncertainty that followed by the signing of this important document. If people were allowed the new ship of state into uncharted waters, where he could not return. This all reflects the full extent of the number 5, the symbol of risk.

No matter how exciting nor was the study of historical dates, the main task of numerology - a human life. We are interested in, as inherent in the numbers of vibrating effects are per person and how he can use them with the greatest benefit for themselves. Some dates are in harmony with a personal vibration numbers.

The simplest of numerology feature is the number of birthday

This number is obtained, like any other important date, when aggregated, month and year numbers. For example, a person born February 11, 1957, should add 1+1+2+1+9+5+7 = 28 = 10 = 1. Obtain 1 - the vibration number of the birth of this man. The number of birthday invariably, it is constant in human life and this vibration exists from the time of his birth.

In theory, two people with the same number of days of birth, should be similar to each other in many respects, but it happens very rarely. The number of birthday simply drive, control his ability and possibilities, they serve as the guiding factors rather than dominating.